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Why Throw Away What We Will Buy Back?

For more than two decades Earth Circle Recycling has worked with cities, office buildings, schools, printers and related facilities to turn their recyclable paper and cardboard into a revenue stream. So, not only is recycling these materials good for our environment, it is also good for your bottom line. For large quantities of these materials, call Earth Circle for pricing and volume requirements.


• White Ledger
• Bond Paper
• Paper Rolls
• Brochures / Mailings
• White Envelopes
• Hard White

• Office Paper
• Newspaper
• Printer Paper
• Baled Cardboard
• Loose Flattened Cardboard (Minimum 2000 lbs.)

It’s easy to start your recycling program and begin earning dollars for what was once nothing but trash that stuffed our landfills. In partnership with your business, Earth Circle Recycling and you will contribute to the health of our planet and provide a conscious, sustainable, earth friendly recycling program you can be proud of.     



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