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Commercial Pick-Up Recycling Services

Earth Circle welcomes commercial recycling customers. Because recycling services cost less than trash services, we encourage companies to contact us for a waste audit. An Earth Circle representative can meet with you to design a recycling program to fit your specific needs. Commercial recycling may be able to save your business money, while saving our natural resources.

Our commercial pick-up service is also single stream. You won't have to sort any of your recyclables with Earth Circle. We collect mixed paper, plastic and glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans, office paper, printers mix and cardboard. For a more specific list, please refer to the Single Stream Recycling Guide. We also offer buy-back recycling services.

Earth Circle will make recycling convenient for you and your business. We can collect recyclables:

  • Inside your building
  • Outside your building
  • From one central collection point
  • From multiple collection points
  • From your loading dock

Flexible collection schedules are also available for commercial recyclers. You can choose to be collected weekly, every two weeks or every four weeks. We supply the recycling bin, and you tell us when to pick it up!

Recycle Electronics, such as TVs and Computer Monitors for .30 lb. Everything else is free to drop-off!


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