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Start a Recycling Program... Easy as 1-2-Green!

Regardless of the size of your business or institution, there likely is an easy recycling program to get going in the office that will provide a wonderful value to your business, employees, and community. It’s your way of helping save the environment one sheet of paper or aluminum can at a time.

Developing a recycling program can be something as simple as placing a recycling bin for paper, plastic and cans and arranging for Earth Circle to pick it up. We can help you design a more sophisticated program including education, recycling bin size and placement, and the best locations to capture the most recyclables.

We’re a small business and don’t throw a whole lot away. What now!

Oh really? Would you believe in a small business, nearly 45% printed paper ends up in the trash can? Perhaps you could consider:

  1. Forming a Recycle Co-op with other like minded small business in your immediate area
  2. Piggyback with larger business who may already have a recycling program in place.
  3. Put together your process from start to finish with Earth Circle Recycling!

Instituting a recycling program at your business is an environmentally conscious effort to do your part. It’s more than just paper.  Consider: ink cartridges, electronics, office furniture, plastic bags, even food containers. All these items have their place…not in the landfill. Read more about what kind of items are recyclable.

Medium to large business?…Do your part with a recycling program. A Green Place makes for a Happy Face.  Read on…

The facts are in, environmentally friendly businesses continually rate higher on employee satisfaction surveys, retain employees for longer periods and experience increased per worker output. Do you think it has anything to do with Corporate Pride? No doubt! Here’s how to Take Action!:

  • Assign a Recycling Specialist in the office
  • Reward earth-friendly behaviors and projects
  • Create a liason position to coordinate with Earth Circle Recycling
  • Sponsor a recycling program in your building.
  • Plus, some larger recycling programs generate enough recyclable material to justify Earth Circle picking up for Free and/or paying for those materials too.
  • Put together your process from start to finish with Earth Circle Recycling!

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