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single stream recycling - no sorting recycling

No-Sort Recycling with Earth Circle

Single stream recycling allows our customers to combine all different types of recyclable materials into one container. There is no need for separation! The single stream process makes it easy to recycle.

Single Stream Recycling Guide - Please feel free to recycle all the items below:

Commingled Containers:

  • Aluminum cans, trays, foil (trays and foil must be clean to be collected)
  • Aseptic packaging & gable top containers (milk and juice containers)
  • steel and tin cans (including aerosol)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars (clear, green and brown only)—NO window glass, dinnerware, ceramics or lightbulbs
  • #1 Plastic - soda, water and flavored beverage bottles
  • #2 Plastic - milk & juice jugs, detergent bottles
  • #3 Plastic - (narrow neck containers only) health & beauty aid products, household cleaners
  • #4 Plastic - margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, six and twelve pack rings
  • #5 Plastic - yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup and ketchup bottles
  • #7 Plastic - (narrow neck containers only) other plastics
  • Plastic Buckets - kitty litter containers
    (5 gallon size maximum)
  • NO #6 Polystyrene. Please refrain from placing #6 plastic in your bin

Residential Paper Fiber:
*You can recycle any paper that tears

  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
  • Magazines, catalogs and telephone books
  • Office paper, computer paper, notebook and gift wrap paper (no metal clips, spirals, binders or foil gift wrap)
  • Mail, junk mail, envelopes, envelopes with windows (no plastic cards, stick on labels or unused stamps)
  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Paper back books (no hard cover books)
  • Cardboard (no waxed cardboard such as wax coated produce boxes) CARDBOARD MUST BE BROKEN DOWN
  • Chipboard - cereal, cake and food mix boxes, gift boxes
  • Carrier stock - soda and beer can carrying cases

Other Not Accepted Materials:

  • No motor oil, insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers
  • No plastic bags - materials that are placed in plastic bags will not be collected
  • No plastic film - plastic sheets, tarps or wrap
  • No expanded foam or clear polystyrene
  • Appliances and electronics -
    Where to recycle appliances / electronics?

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