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Electronics Recycling

Below is a list of electronics accepted at our St. Louis recycling center. Please note that a small fee applies to CRT Televisions and CRT Computer Monitors.

Communication Equipment
Cell phones, cordless phones, landline phones, rotary phones, pagers, answering machines, network phone systems, satellite phones, two-way radios, wires and cables.

Computer Equipment
CRT Monitors - Fee of $.40 per lb.
Flat Screens - N/C

All-in-one computer/monitors, CPUs, flatscreen monitors, laptops/notebooks, CD/CDRW drives, hard drives, printers, scanners,  speakers, DVD, ZIP and floppy drives, modems,routers, keyboards, mice, power supplies and cables.

Office Equipment
Adding machines, copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, projectors, shredding machines

Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment
CRT Televisions - Fee of $.40 per lb
Flat Screens - N/C .

Flatscreen televisions, digital & film cameras, cable & sattelite receivers, Blu-Ray & laserdisc players, DVR equipment, DVD players, VHS/Betamax players, headsets

Audio and Photography equipment, gaming consoles & controllers, small household appliances


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